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You want to establish a career worth medical billing. But you know that you have a lot to learn about the field and there are codes that you definitely need to learn about. Then, you should get certified too. So, making sure that you will take the time to get an idea of the things you need to do to get the certificate that you need will help you decide better.

The good thing about these courses these days is that they do not necessarily need to be taken by aspiring students on a regular classroom setting. With he emergence of the computer and the internet, there is way for people to get a medical billing and coding certification online. Now, they would be able to get the course even when they do not have to leave their own homes.

There are a number of course that are currently being made available on the web these days. Many institutions, college, and universities have made it a point to do something about offering a web program for their students who cannot be able to physically attend their actual classes. This is their way of reaching out especially to those people who tend to have tight schedules, but still would want to learn.

Many people opt for this type of class setting because it tends to allow them to get into a class schedule that would be most convenient for them to attend to. They have found out that they can sign up for a course despite their busy schedules. It is convenient and it is possible for them to sign up for these courses from the comforts of their home.

Consider the schedules that they have for heir classes and check if they’re going to be comfortable enough for you. Try to opt for one that is flexible enough, then, whenever there are emergency stuff that you have to attend to, it would be easier for you to postpone a session and have it set in a different time. Try to check all their available schedules so you can make comparisons.

Opt for a really comprehensive program. You would prefer taking the necessary steps that would be needed towards assessing if the courses they are offering are really those where you can learn from, you will be taking the certifications needed afterward. Make sure that this is going to be good enough platform for you to actually learn all that you need to learn.

See if these providers are able to offer to you a system that is recognized in the field. You need to be sure that the things that you are going to have to go through this time is really worth it all at the end if the day. There would be no point for you to have to go through the procedures that you have to go through only to find out later that these people are not really recognized in the field to begin with.

Consider the costs needed for you to sign up for these classes. You need an idea of the fees that you have to cover ahead of time. Then, setting aside the right figures would be significantly easier for you to do since you can already anticipate hwy much you need to spend.

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TeleDevelopment's Entire Batch of Trainees Pass Medical CPC …

TeleDevelopment’s Entire Batch of Trainees Pass Medical CPC Certification

Published : June 18, 2014<!–
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Business people celebrating a triumph with arms upManila, Philippines – Leading BPO support provider TeleDevelopment Services, Inc. (TDS) has just announced that exam results have just been released for the June 2014 medical coding certification examination. TDS has successfully trained and prepared 12 participants—11 of which are registered nurses—for the certified professional coder (CPC) certification.

These participants, who are part of TDS’ first public training course meant for non-medical professionals, took the American Academy of Professional Coders’ (AAPC) CPC certification exams and achieved a passing rate of 100%. As the largest medical training and credentialing organization in the US, AAPC sets the highest international standard on medical coders. Coders undergo a rigorous examination to test their ability to read medical charts and assign medical codes for various clinical cases. The entire batch of participants passed the exam on their first attempt, even though exam candidates are allowed to retake the test for free.

TDS’ Senior Manager for Healthcare Training Peter Edu, MD, CPC, CPC-I, CCS, led his team of healthcare trainers in the entire duration of the public training course. Stimson “Timmy” F. Agustin, Jr, MS, RN, CPC-A; Adrianne “Kian” Gonzaga, RN, CPC-A; Liza Mae A. Malixi, MD, CPC-A; and Von Deneb Vitto, RN, CPC-A; all worked with Edu throughout the 9-week course to provide a comprehensive training program that will effectively prepare the trainees for a rewarding career in the medical coding field.

Electronic notification of the first half of the exam results was received on Thursday, June 12, 2014, and the other half the following Monday, June 16.  The second batch of classes for those with medical backgrounds officially started on Monday as well.

The overwhelming demand for certified professional coders in the Philippines has opened up better career opportunities for both medical and non-medical professionals this year. Such a change in career promises a better salary and a host of other benefits for Filipinos. Depending on the recruitment criteria, successfully certified medical coders who have trained under TDS’ healthcare training team are afforded the chance to immediately secure a high-paying job for a TDS partner.

Interested medical coders and career shifters may visit TDS’ Medical Coding Training and Certification page for more details on the company’s medical coding courses.

About TeleDevelopment Services, Inc.

TeleDevelopment Services, Inc., is an international call center and BPO support company providing end-to-end outsourcing solutions, including call center and management training, medical coding training and certification, shared services, and recruitment support for frontline, back-office, specialized, managerial, and executive positions. TeleDevelopment is also the sole distributor of Versant in the Philippines. Versant is the leading automated English language assessment tool for recruitment and training. It is being leveraged by call center and BPO organizations around the world.

Open Letter: Dear Sad Saga | MedAdvantage Resources LLC

Dear Sad Saga, CPC-A

Everywhere I turn, there’s another sad saga: I can’t find a job, no one will hire a CPC-A!

You just endured and passed a Certified Professional Coder Examination that consisted of 150 questions for a grueling 5 hours and 40 minutes. Do you not know your job skills? Let me guess, you’ve been applying or at least searching for a job title: Medical Coder or CPC-A.

Do you not know what components were in the training program or on the Certification Examination? Do you not remember anything about ICD-9-CM, CPT, or HCPCS Level II?

Let’s pretend or dream; you receive a call from a physician’s office from where you never sent a
resume and they hired you as a Medical Coder. So you code, code, and code on your first day. On your second day, you code, code, and code again. Where are all those codes going? You wake up and you remember something from training…..they go to the payers – that was one of those Compliance or Practice Management questions on the Certification Examination.

Most view medical coding training as a pathway or career advancement to the healthcare provider environment. This is a limited view of Medical Coding as a Job Title and not as a Job Skill.

You are not limited by Medical Coder Jobs in your local area. National employers are hiring a CPC-A for Medical Coding positions without experience. Yes, many of these jobs are remote or the national company has a location in your city. National employers are hiring candidates with ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS Level II job skills to process the claims or perform numerous other job functions. Use your true job skills ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS Level II; this is your talent. That is how you will get your two years of experience working with codes and receive the full CPC. By the end of a short two years, you will be a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) without the “A”. Then, you are on your way to career advancement beyond a Medical Coder and you may never code a medical record other than in the training program.

Explore further, and you will find opportunities abundant within the national healthcare industry; ranging from the physician office, hospital inpatient and outpatient, commercial healthcare, governmental healthcare payers, and a multitude of others.

Your other option is continue your sad saga: I can’t find a job as a Medical Coder! Continue this negative path and it will become your reality. Or take the valuable knowledge you have and complete your journey to a successful healthcare career.

MedAdvantage Resources can proudly say our CPC-A graduates don’t sing this sad saga. We make sure students understand that a Medical Coder is a Job Skill with unlimited potential for building a fantastic healthcare career. Join our students in exploring unlimited job opportunity searching for the key words, ICD-9-CM, CPT, or HCPCS Level II within the entire healthcare realm.